Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Somebody Call DHR... It's Amy's Kid!

Tuesday night I'm standing in the bathroom, staring into the mirror and wondering why the crap at the age of effing FORTY I am still getting pimples when I hear this mantra coming from the living room:

"Say hi. Say hi. You will respect me. You will respect me!"

At first I didn't pay much attention because I figured it was some game my son was playing with our hyper dog and she was barking right along.

(They do this chase-thing around the house about every night)

"Say hi. Say hi. You will respect me. You will respect me!"

There was a pause in footsteps and barking. I looked out into the hallway to see my son standing there with a basketball stuck in his boxer shorts. (Don't be TOO impressed... He's only eight and it was one of those mini-basketballs that you can play with indoors).

"Huuuunnnnneee!!!! Doooooonnn't!!!!" I pleaded.

He takes off down the hallway with the dog in tow.

"Say hi. Say hi. You will respect me. You will respect me!"

After he ran off I had to close the bathroom door because I was laughing so freaking hard I cried.

That's my boy!


Lindsey said...

I love it when kids do weird shit like that.

Yeah. I'm 32 and I get pimples, too. It blows. I'm with ya, sister.

Amy said...

Lindsey: It's cheap entertainment, isn't it?

WTF on the zits? I mean, sometimes I think I'm going to go through "the change" any minute... Next minute I'm reliving my teens when my sister referred to my acne as "connect the dots."

holly said...

The zits are just one more part of what I like to call "aging gracefully." My favorite development on this journey? My new beard. I feel like Billy Crystal in City Slickers when he wakes up on his birthday, stairs into the mirror and starts pondering aloud about the hair that's growing where there shouldn't be hair, and the hair that's falling out where it still should be. That's me. But I'm a girl. WTF, indeed!

Amy said...

Oh, great, Holly... Now I need to buy a mustache comb, don't I???

Harmony said... are hilarious, my 8 y/o sounds like yours.

My face seems like zits's an epidemic I swear!

Amy said...

H: Or a conspiracy. I think the Proactive people have something to do with it.