Thursday, June 26, 2008

Marry Me!

Right now I am digging through my giant stack of marriage proposals for the sole purpose of being able to do this in front of everyone I know, because it's the best wedding song, ever!!!

Who says white folks can't dance?


Reenie said...

I have seen this before and LOVE it. Thanks for the repeat!

Amy said...

Reenie: I know it's been around a while, but it cracks me up. How fun is that?

You're welcome!

Harmony said...

This is going to be a classic...I too have seen it before, but I'm shocked at how little it is used. Since seeing it, I have seen others like it...but this one is the best I think!

Thanks for the early morning laugh!

Amy said...

H: You are welcome... Nothing beats the original, huh?

Cary said...

I love this clip. Makes me laugh! What a fun couple. Give 'em two years, though, they'll be throwing things at each other and screaming, "I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS!"

Maybe not tho.