Monday, June 23, 2008

Bye, George...

George Carlin died yesterday in Los Angeles... What a genius that man was! I could sit here and bore you to death with Carlin quotes, but I won't. My tribute, intstead, is to share my favorite poem of his and ask what you might have liked about him...

So here's the poem... It's all about cuss words and I love it!!!

rat shit
bat shit
dirty old twat
sixty-nine assholes
tied in a knot
lizard shit!

Rest in peace, G... You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

HA! That was hilarious! Totally random and filthy. Oh, man. (wheezing to catch my breath.)

Amy said...

L: Like I said, genius!!!

holly said...

I don't think I really understood the art of cussing until I saw my first George Carlin stand-up act on HBO when I was a kid. Totally inappropriate for a kid to watch, mind you, but he was soooooooooo funny. And I think he just got better with age. We've lost a legend.

Amy said...

Amen, H!!! I first saw that (his standup with the poem) when I lived overseas and all we had was our VCR to entertain us most nights so I watched him repeatedly. Amazing guy.

Harmony said...

LMAO...that is great!