Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mister T

Yesterday morning, my son called me on his way to camp…

Hi, Mom!
Hey, Baby! How are you?
Guess what was on Miss M’s front porch this morning?
I don’t know, what?
Uh… Flowers?
Then, what?
You have to guess!
A present?
I give up. What?
A snapping turtle!
What? No way!
You are kidding?

Sidebar: Not only is our area nowhere near close to water or any other turtle-friendly habitat that I know of, but the little booger had climbed the steps to get to the front porch… Eight of them, to be exact…

No, really!
How big was it?
About the size of a Frisbee!
You are kidding? What did you do? Did you touch it? What did Miss M say?
No, it was really big. We just left it there.
Did he ring the doorbell?
Well then how did you know it was there?
We saw it when we were leaving for camp.

Then, last night on the way home…

That must have been a trip to see that turtle, huh?
(Laughing) Yeah! Hey, wanna know what he said?
What’s that?
Yo, man, where’s my room?



Cary said...

Nice. I'm glad J didn't try to pick it up. Those jokers will bite.

We used to live near a river and you would occasionally see a turtle crossing the road. Once I stopped to help a big one that was just sitting right on the center line. His head and feet were out, but he just stood there, and this was a busy road. I picked him up to take him across, and he let out the biggest stream of piss you ever saw. It was like Chris Farley was inside the shell, taking a leak. Nasty.

Amy said...


Bugger! (Been watching a lot of POTC lately).

Harmony said...

LOL...what a cutie.