Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did You Know You Can Mail A Coconut?

A few weeks ago, I opened my mailbox to find a coconut. Yes, you heard me, a coconut! It had been mailed to my son from Hawaii. It even had a stamp on the outside. The trinket was painted with the words "hang loose" and the hand-thingie they do out there, Brah...
It looked just like this:

My son drew this last night. He was sitting at the kitchen table drawing like he does many nights. I should have taken a picture of the coconut perched on my window sill so you could see how well he copied it. I think he has a good eye, and a future in something creative... So far, he's narrowed down his career choices to Animal Cop/Rock Star/Artist.
(All this ambition at the ripe old age of eight!)

After the "hang loose" picture was finished, he asked me to go look in the living room, where he had hung this from the mantle:

I asked him if he had copied this from something he saw and he said, "No, just my imagination."


The last in the series is this one. For those of you who don't watch Family Guy, (oh and you should!) this is Brian, the dog/surrogate father of the family. It took Jamie about thirty minutes to convince Mama that this had not been traced. I'm adding the cartoon's actual illustration so you can see for yourself how good this is... Jamie even managed to credit TBS on this one. Ha!

Yes, I know Mama is bragging!


Reenie said...

Amy! Your son is amazing for his age. Amazing! I would be wall papering my house with his work. Give us updates as his talent flourishes. Not only am I an artist, but I collect art. :)

Amy said...

Reenie: Thank you, I think so, too... After the other night it ocurred to me that I have now found the perfect use for the huge built-in bookcase in my bedroom... I have framed a few of his things (paintings especially) and have them displayed around the house, but I told him last night we are going to clean all the junk off that thing and make it The Jamie Gallery. He's thrilled, and that's going to be our project tonight. We'll have a lot to put there but also will have plenty of room for additions... I've got some more to show you, too and will post them in a little bit. Thanks so much for the compliment. He will love that, especially coming from a true arteest!!! xo

Cary said...

Wow, that's talent.

Tell him to leave off the TBS logo next time, though. For me.

Cary said...

Oh, that Hawaiian hand thingy means "hang loose."

Harmony said...

Wow..he is very good! I think my favorite is the one he did from his imagination...very talented.

I would so totally brag too!