Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Wonder If There Are Any Men Available For Adoption, Too?

So last time I wrote I was talking about our weekend and what a great time our dog, Honey, had playing with all of her new dog friends at the lake... On Monday I was catching up from the weekend's newspapers and came across the "Pet of the Week,"a feature our paper does on dogs available at our local animal shelter. I saw and was taken with the photo of a pup they had named Chaz, a Border Collie/Husky mix. I don't know what it was about the little guy, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. On Tuesday, he became our newest family member!

He didn't look like "Chaz" to me, though... I messed with the idea of naming him something that would go with Honey: "Graham," "Moon," or "Nuttin'" were some that crossed my mind, but after I got him home and played with him for a little while, I knew he was "Teddy," because he's such a sweet little teddy bear!

So now we are four: Two boys, two girls, and we are having a ball! I feel so good about this and am so happy to have been able to provide a home for Teddy. He and Honey are great together, and despite the fact that he's only four months old is quite mellow. The two of them are sitting at my feet right now as I type... So here they are, Honeybun and Teddybear!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo for Teddy! What a big heart you have, Amy. I can't look at those ads, or visit the shelter, without wanting to bring 14 dogs home with me. So I don't look, and I don't go. They look great together! And I'm sure Honey is psyched to have a playmate around all the time now. :)

Harmony said...

Aww, how sweet! Their both just precious!

amy said...

Thanks, Holly, it's great for Honey, and Teddy seems like a happy camper!

Harmony: They are, and lots of fun.

Cary said...

Watch out for border collies, Aimer. They are smarter than you and me. I think they are all biding their time and making their collective evil plan to wrest control of the world from human hands.

Sleep with one eye open.

We had to put down our BC in May. She was almost 15 and it was time. I'd love to say I miss her, but I don't. I do miss her sister, who we had to put down in Feb. We got them about a month apart and they both succumbed to old age within a few months of each other. No fun.

Jenn said...

Hey...just catching up here and realized that we have the same couch! OMG! That's crazy!

By the way, Phil dumped his coffee on me yesterday. Fun.