Friday, September 5, 2008

Mugsy Junior

Last night my son and I sat across from each other at the dining room table. He was working on his homework and I was sitting here reading promises of increased size and performance when he asks me a question:

Yeah, Baby?
Do policemen get paid a lot of money?
No, actually they don’t.
Why not?
I don’t know. That’s a very good question.
Well they should. I mean, they risk their lives.
Yes, they do.
Yes, Honey?
You know what?
If I ever opened a clink I’d pay them a lot.
If you ever opened a what?
A clink. You know, a jail?

(At this point I’m just about to fall out of my chair because I realize Mugsy Junior is sitting across from me)

Where did you hear that word?
What word? Why are you laughing?

(Now he’s laughing)

On The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So if I opened a clink I’d pay the cops $30 an hour.
I think that would be great. Good for you.
Why are you still laughing?
I don’t know.

(Yes, I do. I’m waiting for you to say “pokey” or “big house” any minute and tell me stories about the time Fishface Freddy went to “spring” Uncle Junior but there was too much “heat” for it to “go down.”)

Yeah? I’m sorry…
That’s OK. I’d still pay them $30 an hour.
That’s great, Honey.


Merle Sneed said...

Gotta love what kids hear and repeat. It's great that he had the context of clink right.

One of my five-year-old grandsons told his grandmother that a lollipop that she gave him was 'a dream come true'. Where di he come up with that?

Cary said...

The CLINK? Love it.

That kid cracks me up.