Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sunday night I awoke around midnight with some mysterious allergic reaction to... I don't know what. Whatever it is ain't pretty, and has taken me to the doctor twice in two days for injections into my, uh, posterior region...

Last night as my son and I were discussing the events of the day, I told him about getting another shot. He asked me if I was doing better, and I said I thought I was.

"Well I hope so," he said, "you're running out of butt cheeks."


holly said...

Hey Amy,
I'm backing up to read through your archives. Stories like this are why I started blogging in the first I wouldn't forget the funny things my kiddos say. One of my better ones is here:

Love your writing!

Amy said...

Holly: Geez you are sweet... I tried to read yours but can't grab the whole link... What's after

holly said...

my site is way lame with the super-mega-huge addresses. Try clicking on my name with this comment and it will hopefully go there. If not...don't worry about it! It might not be that funny to anyone else. :)

Amy said...

Holly: Are you kidding me? That's hilarious! They calls 'em likes they sees 'em!!!