Monday, December 21, 2009

I Do Not Like It, Not One Little Bit!

Last night I was laying in bed watching television when my son came over to me. We were both winding down from our day of shopping and cookie baking and present wrapping and he was smelling good (finally!) just out of the shower.

He leaned down and looked at me thoughtfully and I was thinking how much I enjoy our little moments of sweetness when he said something to me that I will never forget:


Yes, baby?

You need a razor for your face.

What? I do not!!!

Yes, you do! You have little hairs right here (points to my upper lip).

Well I don't need a razor.

Yes you do! You look like The Cat in the Hat! (literally falls on the floor laughing).

You better watch it, mister!

What? Why? (still laughing).

I haven't finished Christmas shopping for you, yet, but I could be!

He walked away then, but had a hard time controlling his snort-laced giggling.

...I am off to buy a razor. Or some moustache wax...


Samsmama said...

Ok, for some reason Blogger has not notified me of your last three posts. That bitch.

Anyway, LOVE the story. We were driving to the store tonight and somehow my age came up. Told Sam I was 35. (Hubby has since corrected me and told me I'm 36. Jerk.) He said, "No, that can't be right." I asked him how old he thought I was. He pondered for a second and said, "Um, 42?" In completely unrelated news, several of his presents have vanished from under the tree.

Anonymous said...


amy said...

SM: Thanks for telling me, I dunno what the deal is with Blogger. Anyway I feel (a little) less insecure now knowing you weren't notified. Imagine how many others may be going without? ::Gasp:: And thanks for sharing, too. When you mentioned the disappearing presents I wondered if you meant Sam's or Hubby's? (That'll teach 'em!)

amy said...

LT: Um...?

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