Monday, March 3, 2008

Say What?

As I've said here before, when I'm out and about I seem toattract wierdos like flies to honey. It seems here lately that when I'm at work I'm not safe, either.
People, not just kids, say the darndest things to me, like:
The cleaning lady:
"Did you smell your desk this morning?"
Uh, no... Why, will I get high?
A customer wanting the phone number for a different business:
"How do you call information?"
Another customer wanting to mail a payment:
"Do I have to sign my check?"
Yes, and please make sure it's in crayon.
A wierdo wanting to talk to my boss:
"How much do you know about horses?"
I only know about whips, does that count?
The jerk that I hate:
"What are you doing this weekend?"
Stuff, you idiot. None of your business.
My boss:
"What day is it?"
Medication Day.
Someone on the phone wanting to schedule a tour:
"So, is this your number?"
No, it's not.

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